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ADA Paratransit

ADA Paratransit


ADA Paratransit Fares
One way trip……………………………..….$3.50
Personal Care Attendant (PCA)……Free
Guests age 4 & under…..………….……FREE
Ten-Ticket Books………………………$15.75

Discounted ten-ticket books may be purchased at the 9 Town Transit office, at area Stop & Shop stores, Adams Market or at  Two tickets are required for each ADA Paratransit trip.

 ADA Paratransit Information
ADA Paratransit is a origin-to-destination service is for individuals of any age with a physical or cognitive disability that prevents them from using the 9 Town Transit route system. Trips that qualify as ADA Paratransit must have origins and destinations that are within 3/4 of a mile of Route 641 Madison – Old Saybrook, and occur with the same hours and days of operation.  ADA Paratransit service is available in Old Saybrook, Westbrook, Clinton and Madison.

This is a summary of our ADA paratransit program.  A full description of the program is available here.

Hours of Operation
ADA Paratransit is available Monday through Friday 6:20 AM until 7:50 PM and Saturday 7:20 AM until 6:00 PM.

ADA Paratransit Registration
To register for ADA Paratransit, you must complete an application. Applications are available online at or by calling 860-510-0429 option 2 to request one by mail. Partially completed applications will not be accepted.  Once your application has been reviewed, 9TT will contact you to schedule an in-person interview.  We may also require a professional verification.

Application Determination Process
Applicants will receive a written notice with a determination of eligibility within 21 days following the submission of a completed application. If you have not received a determination of eligibility, you shall be treated as eligible and provided service on the 22nd day until and unless 9 Town Transit denies your application. If you are denied eligibility, given conditional eligibility or temporary eligibility, you will receive a written notice with specific reasons for the decision and a notice of your right to appeal.

ADA Paratransit ID
Once you have been certified as ADA Paratransit eligible, you will be provided with an ADA Paratransit ID.  This ID must be shown each time you board on an ADA Paratransit trip.  It may also be used to show eligibility for reduced fare on any 9 Town Transit bus route and for the taxi voucher program.

ADA Visitor Information
Individuals from outside the 9 Town Transit service area who are certified by another transit agency as ADA Paratransit eligible will be served as ADA Visitors.  Eligible visitors will be served for a period of up to 21 days during any 12 month period.  To request ADA Visitor status, you must provide documentation verifying ADA eligibility and the expected dates of ADA Paratransit use.

Reservations must be made at least one day in advance by 4:00 PM, but may be made up to two weeks in advance.  Reservations may be made online or by phone:

Phone: 860-510-0429                          TDD: 1-800-842-9710

Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM Monday through Friday, Sundays/holidays 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM by voicemail

Online: – open 24/7

Smartphone App: Download the Ecolane App for 24/7 reservations

When scheduling a trip, be sure to have the date, time and street address of the pick-up and drop-off locations, along with return trip information.  We will attempt to schedule your trip for the time requested, but may adjust the time by as much as one hour before or one hour after the requested time.  If you need to be at your destination by a specific time, please notify us.  You will be provided a half hour pick-up window for each trip.

Same-day trips or same-day changes are not available on ADA Paratransit.

Smartphone and Online Booking
Trips may be booked and canceled 24/7 online at or in our Ecolane smartphone app.  The Ecolane app also allows passengers to see where their bus is in real-time, and receive a notification when their bus is on its way.  To sign up, simply provide a reservationist with your email address.

Subscription service allows you to schedule a recurring trip in one phone call.  Subscription service is available for those with recurring trips for medical, educational or employment purposes.  The number of subscriptions are limited at certain times of day and may not be available for the time you require.

Arrival and Boarding
The vehicle will arrive within the half hour pick-up window provided at the time of booking.  If booking online or through our app, it will be up to 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the scheduled time.  Passengers must be ready to board at any time within this window.  The vehicle will wait up to five minutes after arrival, after which point the passenger is considered a no-show.  Fare payment is required upon each boarding, and drivers cannot make change.

Text Messaging
9TT offers text message alerts to your cell phone with the estimated arrival time shortly before your pick-up window.  Times are estimated and subject to change.  Standard text message rates apply.  Just let a reservationist know you would like to receive text messaging.

The driver will be available to assist all passengers on or off the vehicle and help with up to three packages on request (not exceeding 25 pounds total).  While the service is generally to and from the curb, door-to-door service is available upon request, provided the driver can maintain site of the vehicle at all times.  Passengers requiring additional assistance are encouraged to bring a personal care attendant (PCA), who may ride for free.

Wheelchair lifts are available and may be used by anyone on request, with or without a wheelchair.  Please inform customer service if you require a wheelchair lift or will be traveling with a PCA.

Connections and Transfers
Connections may be made to other 9TT routes and CT Transit New Haven at no additional charge.  If you are transferring, be sure to request a free transfer when boarding your ADA Paratransit vehicle.  A transfer will be accepted onto ADA Paratransit with an additional $1.75 fare.

To coordinate a transfer with Greater New Haven Transit District (GNHTD) for service west of Madison, call 860-510-0429 and a reservationist will assist you.  Transfers to and from GNHTD are free.

Should you plans change after scheduling, please call or cancel online as soon as possible.  Reservations must be canceled no later than two hours before the scheduled pick-up time.  If a scheduled ride is canceled in a timely manner, no penalties will result.

No-Show Policy
Any passenger who is not present at the designated pick-up location within the pick-up window or who cancels with less than 2 hours’ notice will be considered a no-show.  Passengers who no-show 10% or more of their trips in a thirty day period (but no less than 3 trips) will receive a suspension of service.  Full details of the no-show policy are available in the Rider’s Guide.

Taxi Vouchers
For travel beyond the ADA Paratransit and/or Dial-A-Ride service areas or service hours, ETD offers a taxi voucher program.  The program provides half the cost of a taxi trip anywhere in CT through our taxi partner.  Anyone certified as ADA Paratransit eligible qualifies.

Reasonable Accommodations
Passengers with disabilities may request modifications to current service procedures to access the service.  To make a request, please call us at 860-510-0429 email us at  Please submit requests at least two business days before the trip.

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