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Estuary Transit District
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Operator of 9 Town Transit and Middletown Area Transit

Travel Training & Education

Travel Training & Education

  • Travel Training

  • Travel training is available free of charge to persons with a disability and senior citizens through the Kennedy Center. Travel trainers will plan out your route and schedule, teach public transit skills and ride the bus or train with you until you are comfortable on your own. Click here for more information.

  • Public Transit 101

  • Public Transit 101 is a program designed to introduce service providers and potential users to public transit.  The program covers using schedules, waiting for the bus, an overview of accessibility features, etiquette and safety.  The program is offered free of charge through a paternership of the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the Kennedy Center and 9 Town Transit.  To schedule your PT101 program, email us at

  • Mobility Management

  • Know How to Go South Central CT is a one stop for information on all your travel needs in South Central Connecticut. Whether you are a senior, or a person with a disability transportation can be a challenge. Their purpose is to provide you with a host of valuable travel-related information to help you better access your community.   Visit them at


  • 9 Town Transit at Your Event

  • 9 Town Transit participates in dozens of information fairs, expos  and events annually and is always looking for new ones!   Provide your group with travel information from the experts at no cost.  Simply email the even information to

  • Public Transit in Education

  • 20131114_121001Using public transit is an important life skill for all middle or high school aged students to learn. 9 Town Transit has partnered with LEARN to increase awareness of the transportation options available to students in our region.9 Town Transit is happy to assist in planning trips for any purpose. This can include an internship or even a group outing by bus. Many area high schools have taken classes on the bus to the supermarket or a restaurant as part of their education programs. If you area interested in planning a trip for your class, please call us at 860-510-0429 and speak to our dispatcher.

    9TT is also always available to come speak to any group about using public transit, and can even provide a bus, all at no cost. Call Chris Denison at 860-510-0429 extension 1005 to schedule, or email us at

    In addition, LEARN has helped develop a core curriculum for use in the classroom, which can be downloaded here. LEARN has also created a list of website resources for educators, which can be found here.

    The Kennedy Center also provides services for transitional students, a list of which can be found here.

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