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Title III Grievance Procedures

Title III Grievance Procedures

Seniors age 60 or over participating or wishing to participate in our senior fare program for Dial-A-Ride or off-route trips my elect to utilize the grievance procedure below.

a) A passenger whose trip is funded with Title III funds who has a grievance should contact a dispatcher by calling 860-510-0429 extension 2 or by mail to Estuary Transit District, 17 Industrial Park Rd, Suite 6, Centerbrook, CT 06409.  The passenger must indicate that he or she is submitting a Title III grievance.   The dispatcher will attempt to obtain as much information as possible to allow for a thorough understanding of the concern.  A contact log will be maintained.

b) If he or she is unsuccessful in resolving the issue, the Operations Manager will address the grievance. The Operations Manager is the primary point of contact to resolve dissatisfaction or grievance, and will conduct a full investigation of the complaint. The log will be updated.

c) If the passenger is not satisfied, he or she may submit the complaint to the Executive Director.  He or she will attempt to resolve the difficulty. The log will be updated.

d) In the event that the issue cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the passenger,  he or she may request Senior Resources to get directly involved.  Copies of all logs, related records and correspondence will be provided to Senior Resources.

The grievance procedure will be communicated to the passengers.

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